Consumer Goods / Products on Barter

The barter exchange is a universal system to exchange goods and services without any involvement of monetary currency. You can barter almost any product or services that are desired by someone. Barter trade agencies help two different entities meet their common goal, the need for a product or service that the other person can provide.

Consumer Goods / Products on Barter
Here are some popular and most common products that can be bartered.

Consumer Durables: Home appliances such as Air conditioners, air coolers, air purifier, air dryers, audio system, RO systems, water purifier, invertors, online UPS, rice cooker, microwave oven, OTG, washing machine, VCD/DVD, Television, laptops, desktops, steam iron, dry iron, etc.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, cap, floss cleaner, tooth cleaner, blades, razors, shaving lubricant, shampoo, moisturizer, conditioner, bar soap, deodorant, mirror, nail clipper, ear buds, cleaning agents, etc.

Cosmetics and Make Up: Foundation, eye liner, lip stick, lip gloss, nail paints, nail paint remover, mascara, beauty spa products, hair care products, face care products, body care products, etc.

Fitness and healthcare: Health shakes, health powders, fitness equipments, fitness apparels, sport shoes, etc.

Entertainment: Events, parties, galas, theatre, and such barter their advertising and marketing opportunities to those in need. The events and parties encompass a plethora of bartering prospects related to catering, floral décor, party décor, banquet facilities, limousine services, table rentals, and more.

Medical Care: Medicines, syrups, etc.

Home Care: Furniture, cutlery set, burners, cooktop, hob, chimney, toaster, dinner set, tea set, etc.

Office: Corporate establishments can barter furniture, IT products, vending machine (water), vending machine (tea/coffee), dustbins, floor cleaners, office stationery, etc.

These are just some of the products across different categories. Our bartering opportunities are available for your needs and requirements in every segment of life.

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