Corporate / Gifting on Barter

Corporate, companies and Multi-National Organizations often set-up a motivational program for their employees in order to encourage, appreciate and reward their employees, staff and Management. It boosts employer-employee relationship and promotes healthy competition and efficiency in the organizational structure. They incorporate rewards, bonuses, incentives and other innovative corporate gifting scheme to engage their interest and win their loyalty.

Corporate / Gifting on Barter
What is Corporate Gifting on Barter?
Corporate bestow gifts to show appreciation, strengthen business relations, and encourage community involvement or to express gratitude for their investment or efforts. ‘Corporate Gifting on Barter’ provide companies a plethora of fascinating options to gift their consumers, employees, clients, suppliers, agents etc. Under this Barter system, the company can exchange its goods and services with other company’s goods & services in varying forms like shopping coupons, service vouchers, vacation trips, actual merchandise or electronic gadgets etc.

How does it work?
The barter solutions agency/agencies drive smart barter solutions programs between the two companies via their wide network of brand companies that agree to participate in trade-out. The participating brand partners from different sectors namely, Cosmetics, Electronics, FMCG, Apparels, home-products etc. The idea of corporate gifting on barter is to save cash and enhance cost-effectiveness. For instance- a barter can take place between Airlines owner and home products company, where Airlines can trade concessional/free tickets to any of India’s city in exchange of a number of gift coupons of home products of that respective brand, this way both the companies can do corporate gifting for their employees without paying any cash.

Advantages to corporate gifting on barter
Barter can help the companies to turn unsold inventories into actual business which can attract more business and enhance business relations if the recipients get impressed or wooed after using the bartered product. It helps the companies to conserve their cash flow and generate high revenues. Along with this, it aids in strengthening relationship and loyalty. Plus, the companies adopting barter system need not pay cash rather the deal will accomplish in the form of kind.

Role of Barter broker Agency
Onebarterindia.com is a leading Barter solutions agency which has offered highly unique and cost-effective deals to its reputed clients in cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai etc. Our objective is to connect you with best participating brands that help you give your employees unique and promising gift options. We have an extensive network that helps you meet your purpose and increase your profitability.

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