Electronic Media Barter

The Barter system has led to the new concept of electronic media barter in 21st century. The innovation has incepted a new platform to marketers to concoct revolutionary strategies for brand distribution and media planning.

The big question is to comprehend electronic media barter as it has reformed the process of advertising on electronic media. In this barter process, advertisers or sponsors trade with media companies in 'no cash' and only 'in exchange of goods & services' form. The trade deals are structured and facilitated by us on the requirements and expectations of both the trading companies.

How does Electronic Media Barter work?
Corporate or advertiser approach electronic media barter agency or agencies to contact media owners to campaign their goods and services on their respective media channels in exchange of use of their products and services or trade credit. There is no cash commitment or exchange of cash. In most cases it is seen that most media channels allow ads space/time or media placement in lieu of trade credit i.e. making payments on media placement at par to its actual cost incurred in currency for purchasing ads. Here, corporate or approaching party to the agency has to pay commission after the successful approval and completion of the deal.

Benefits to advertiser...a glimpse
- Electronic media barter reduces advertisement cost and allow you to create more ad placements on different electronic media like TV, Radio, cinema etc. within same budget.
- This option of bartering help you maintain or augment the frequency of appearance of your advertisement on respective media channels.
- It enables you to liquidate your unused inventory of goods which otherwise would have possibly resulted in losses.
- It alleviates the risk of experimenting with different media channels, which they have not used earlier for campaigning & promotion.

Benefits to Media Owners...a glimpse
- This barter allows media owners to save the cost incurred in buying the same goods & services as used for day to day business operations.
- Media channels that consent for electronic media barter process can attract more advertisers and can trade out their unsold inventory in the form of unsold ad time.

Role of Media barter Agency
Onebarterindia.com opens doors to new opportunities and ideas of distributing strategies at minimal cost. Our expertise in modern electronic media barter system helps in adding significantly more value to business planning & growth. Our smart barter solutions are unique and are strategically designed to maximize your spending on media placements. Our online presence and connections with reputed media owners and channels at Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida and other metropolitan cities give us edge over our competitors.

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