Hotel & Resorts on Barter

Hotels and resorts segment are experiencing challenges and difficulties in terms of cash shortage and unsold inventory of rooms. They are seeking innovative ways to advertise their property, amenities, offers etc. which means another significant outlay on advertisement. But, with Hotels and resorts on Barter, one can kill many birds with one stone i.e. get numerous benefits with one barter solution. It can enhance the brand image of the hotel, increase occupancy of rooms, find new customers and augment its profitability without paying a single penny in cash. In addition, it can avail amazing trade offers, discounts and exchanges against their unsold rooms.

Hotel & Resorts on Barter
How does Hotels and resorts in Barter work?
Generally, hotels and resorts are left with unsold rooms in a day, month or during season. Barter system entail a win-win opportunity to both Hotels/Resorts and other companies by way of trade-out. Hotels & resorts can take this chance to barter their unsold rooms for building renovation & decoration supplies like carpets, safe-boxes, furniture, flooring, flowers etc. or swap it for ads & publicity to print or electronic media owners. They can do this exchange with all those companies which sell or render those goods & services which are required in hotel businesses. The most significant thing is that there is no cash transaction in between them.

Bartering offer invaluable advantages to both the parties...a glance
There has been a significant rise in bartering especially in media and hotel business. New hotels can embrace bartering to create awareness about their new properties through different media channels. It enables them to flaunt about their services and hotel amenities. Hotels & resort corporate can leverage this platform to reach their desirable group of corporate and accounts. They can fortify their brand image and improve business revenues. It is considered to be the cleverest and cost-effective way to monetize the vacant rooms in hand. Furthermore, it is the most effectual way to buy expensive services like marketing, advertising, building or furnishing materials etc. It helps Hotel Company to conserve their vital asset i.e. cash.

On the other hand, other companies can avail the luxurious amenities and services of the hotels and resorts for their employees, guests and investors. The viability of bartering can prove its effectiveness by enhancing value and competitiveness of your company in any kind of economy.

Role of Barter broker agency/agencies
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