OOH/Outdoor Media Barter

What is Outdoor Media?
Out of Home (OOH) advertising or outdoor media services provides marketing in public places, on roads or in transportation or certain commercial locations. The ads are made in the forms of bill-boards, digital billboards, screens, kiosks, jukeboxes, banners and hoardings.

OOH/Outdoor Media Barter
What is Outdoor Media Barter?
Outdoor media barter is exchange of company’s goods & services for outdoor advertising options. This way advertiser can get the opportunity to do outdoor advertising for a wide range of reputed organizations, agencies and corporate in trade of their credits or goods & services.

How do outdoor media barter system work?
The OOH advertising agencies are often left with unsold outdoor media and corporate often seek ways to publicize their brand image. Advertisement at any media platforms involve huge business expenditure and cash outlay which discourage companies especially budding companies to move ahead. Outdoor media owners are offering a gamut of cash-saving barter packages that genuinely attractive. Companies that are seeking outdoor advertising on hoardings, billboards etc. can trade out their products or services for ad banners, without any involvement of cash.

Benefits enjoyed by Advertiser and companies
Companies can promote their brands and appeal their customers. Barter Marketing would enable them to save their cash which can be used for other business needs. Outdoor marketing is quite effective in transit and at public places as leads to customer conversion and trigger people to spread awareness about their product in their respective circles.

Advertiser can gain this as a fruitful opportunity to trade out their unsold inventory and for boom in business. OOH media barter can drive all range of business companies i.e. from new to reputed company, as it has the potential to create market for them.

Role of barter agent
A barter Agent or an agency is the link between the Outdoor media owner and second party that intends to advertise its product via OOH modes. Onebarterindia.com is specialized in conceptualizing smart barter solutions that suits every budget, work across all kinds of locations and have unlimited reach. It has gained trust from its clients in many different locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida etc.

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