Print Media Barter

Print Media is considered to be the most widespread mode of advertisement. The presence and influence of this media has been extremely used by companies and corporations for promoting goods, services, offers, information etc. Barter system on print media is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in brand promotion but also for cost reduction in brand advertising.

Print Media Barter
What is Print Media Barter?
The print media barter takes place between publishing houses and advertisers/corporate. These publishing houses trade their unsold ad space in exchange of goods & services of the advertisers or companies.

How does Print Media Barter work?
Advertiser or company work alongside with Print Media Barter agency to execute barter with regional/ popular magazine publisher/ newspaper agency or in-flight magazines. The trade or exchange takes place in kind and not in cash i.e. there is absolutely no cash transaction between the two parties. The barter can take place in varying forms i.e.

- Advertisers supply their goods and services to publishing houses in lieu of ad space and time in their newspaper or magazine. These supplies are made as per the needs of print media agency, for instance, computer equipment, office supplies, vehicle maintenance, hotel rooms for guest/employees/owners.

- Companies may have to supply/sponsor prizes of media contests in exchange of advertisement in that respective print media.

- The barter of press releases issued by the corporate with publicity of that brand company. In other words, if any press release is sent by the company to any newspaper, it can be bartered for the free publicity of that company on the same newspaper. This way they meet their mutual needs.

Benefits to Print media agencies and advertising companies
- Print Media Agencies like newspapers and magazines can obtain direct news about companies to fill their news columns in the form of press-releases or newsletters.

- They can trade out their unsold ad space for necessary office supplies etc.

- They can increase their readership by organizing media contests and quiz.

- They can reduce their cost on advertisement by barter system.

- They can enjoy brand publicity on print media which is quite influential in both paper as well as online form.

Role of print media Barter broker/agency
Onebarterindia.com is specialized in creating successful one-to-one unique deals between print media owners and our corporate clients at a competitive commission. Our strong national network in different metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc. aids our esteemed clients in finding the right party who wish to barter their goods & services for print media company’s inventory of ads’ time and space. Our objective is to meet the client’s criterion and requirements in order to negotiate a win-win deal for both the parties through Smart Barter Solutions

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